A software platform for operation and management of sensor networks

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About SenSoscopioSensoscopio

SensoScopio is a very flexible information management system. It was designed for the management of large volumes of data from sensor networks. It provides automated batch processes for importing, normalizing, calibrating and interpolating data.

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Visualización y exportación de datos

Data visualization and export

SensoScopio provides a centralized storage layer for data from a distributed network of sensors and other measure devices. It also allows the visualization and export of large time-series data through its web interface.

Exploitation of solar thermal power plants

Within the EU-funded DNICast, SensoScopio eases the development of predictive models for energy production to be tested in the Plataforma Solar de Almería (PSA-CIEMAT).

Explotación de plantas termosolares
Gestión de recursos naturales

Management of natural resources

SensoScopio is a great tool to support monitoring and decision making, especially in the management of natural resources, farming and the control of environmental pollution.

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